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The Supergirly Sitcom

First broadcast on British digital channel BBC Choice in 2001, Supergirly's first venture into the world of television comedy was a quirky very-post-watershed situation comedy. Once you settle into the over the top and very surreal environment of Supergirly-Land, it's quite an enjoyable sitcom with moments of genius emerging to reveal the potential of the two (especially Louise) as comediennes. Louise is the leading dominant character in this show (as on stage), which often means that little is explored within Jai's character and she subsequently has less chances to shine. It often seems that Jai could blend into the background while Louise takes centre stage. Whether this reflects her lesser comic ability or rather less opportunity to perform as an equal to her co-star, remains to be seen.

Louise and Jai play 'themselves', budding starlets gagging for fame (and in Louise's case, Robbie Williams). The series follows the girls as they seek mega-stardom accompanied by their not-so-butch cleaner Bingo, not-so-useful manager Rod Love and his not-so-helpful sister Shirley. Intercut between scenes, Supergirly perform songs in the club setting where they work in the show. The songs seem to be randomly inserted into the episodes, with no particular narrative purpose. This would seem rather pointless except for the fact that these songs are what Supergirly are best at, and so they are very often a highlight of the episodes.

An interesting use of sound effects, costume and set, alongside original and surreal plots, all contribute to the colourful, unique world of Supergirly.

Episode Guide

1) - Dial H For Murder

The girls get a job babysitting a frozen Cher (as you do), while also ending up as support for Cher's London gig, IF Steps pull out. So with the eventual help of Jai and Shirley, Louise sets her heart on murdering Steps (yes please) so that Supergirly get the chance to hit the big time with Cher. Lou tries a number of techniques... we can only hope she succeeds!

Songs: If I Can Turn Back Time, One For Sorrow

2) - There's No Prison Like Showbiz Prison

Loiuse and Jai get stopped at the door of an A-list celebrity party, and are arrested for falsely claiming to be famous. They end up in a showbiz prison ('The Chesney Hawkes Correctional Facility') alongside has-beens like Terence Trent D'Arby and Andrew Ridgley. Is this the end for our pop heroines? Of course not, it's only the second episode, but it's fun to watch. Packed with fabulously bitchy comments about the girls' fellow inmates. (Miaow!)

Songs: West End Girls, Enough Is Enough

3) - Gordon's Alive

Louise's mum, Aussie megastar Nolene, comes to visit causing Lou to worry about Supergirly's lack of success in comparison. On cleaning the house in preparation for Nolene's visit, the girls find they have a Sting infestation. There's only one person who can help them - Richard Gere. However, when Louise's mum arrives, their already rocky relationship comes to blows.

Songs: Wannabe, I've Never Been To Me

4) - Being Lionel Richie

Shirley starts dating rapper Eminem, who turns out to be secretly oppressed and is actually being coerced into swearing in his songs. Lou and Jai find a portal leading into the depths (ahem) of Lionel Richie's brain. Bingo and Eminem soon follow, bringing with them confusion and mayhem.

Songs: Hello, Brass in Pocket

I don't have anymore episodes of this because unfortunately I was out of the country and missed the rest of the series. If anyone could help me out with a copy I'd be eternally grateful! Email me at
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