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Supergirly Live

Supergirly are most well known among their fans for their fantastic stage performances. They have toured the country countless times and following a probable show or two at Edinburgh this summer, they will be heading over to Canada later in the year.

The shows are very much like concerts in their format, with costume changes and short intros to each of the songs. However of course, in true Supergirly fashion, the show is more a parody of a concert, as indeed each song is a spoof of the original. The girls rip the piss out of song lyrics, singers, dancing and indeed the entire show is one big parody. They never appear as their true selves, only as their simplified personae 'Louise' and 'Jai', the budding starlets. Even the bows in between each song are comedy bows! Nothing is to be taken too seriously.

A highlight of the shows for me has been the excellent retorts given to hecklers who dare to call out anything (don't try it!). Louise's seemingly natural skill for bitchiness and wit combined, as clearly displayed in their song lyrics, is given a free reign when let loose on cheeky audience members. And when the prats deserve it, it's wonderful to see them put back in their place. Miaow!

It's hard to describe a Supergirly show because apart from the actual songs, which take up a huge chunk of the performance, the rest of the comedy comes from physical humour; dancing, face-pulling and amazing costumes.

At the risk of being sued (Legal VIPs - please email me with any probs and i will delete these immediately!) here are some clips of some of my fav Supergirly songs performed live:

Better than Britney

More Britney (coz it's soooo good!)





ENJOY THE GENIUS.... French and Saunders look out coz there are some Supergirlies to steal your spotlight!
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