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Caroline's Comedy Base
Ruby Wax Caroline Aherne Caroline Quentin Arguably the most successful and popular woman in British comedy, Dawn French often appears on our screens as The Vicar of Dibley. She is also the famous sidekick of the Absolutely Fabulous Jennifer Saunders, and regularly stars in Murder Most Horrid in a variety of guises. Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus star in this cheeky sitcom about two flatmates looking for love. Gimme Gimme Gimme is the type of programme you either love or hate, but its popularity has lasted two series and a special, with hopefully still more to come. With one of the most famous bums in Britain, Arabella Weir found her feet in The Fast Show, and continues to prove herself as a multi talented comedienne with two best selling novels under her belt. Meera Syal is a best selling author and star member of the Goodness Gracious Me team, who have immortalised phrases such as 'Kiss My Chuddies' while their critically acclaimed popular humour manages to poke fun at Asian and non-Asian audiences alike. Victoria Wood is seen as a national treasure, her comedy reaches audiences across the board and most her recent sitcom 'Dinnerladies' was the second most popular comedy programme of 1999. She is also famous for her musical comedy and her stand up shows immediately sell out wherever she performs. The future head of BBC TV Comedy and star of Can't Cook Won't Cook, Caroline Marshall first put her Dawn French website online in 1997. Four years on she continues to be a devoted fan and regularly updates the site, while every now and again she creates a new page dedicated to the next comedian who earns her respect and (greatly coveted) admiration.
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